Welcome to the website of the association of Scandinavian speaking guides!

Our association regroups licensed guide-lecturers in Nordic languages, all well established in France. We are authorized by our state diploma from the Ministries of Tourism & Culture to conduct visits in sites, monuments and museums all over France, we exercise our profession with passion in Paris and throughout France.

We help you discover the culture, history, gastronomy and everything that constitutes the priceless French heritage.

Whether you need a professional guide when you are travelling with family or friends, on a private visit or participating in a seminar, congress or if you require the presence of an interpreter for technical visits, you will benefit from our personalized services adapted to your request, in your Nordic language of choice. Our prices will be communicated to you on request to the guide-lecturer of your choice.

Our association has no commercial activity and does not act as a service provider. You can contact our members directly here: guides 


Copyright photos: Pernille Andersen